Vtex V20- The best winter shoes thanks to science!

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01. Silver coated,

We added Silver coated fibers to the Vtex V20 inner layer. Silver is used by healthcare facilities and even NASA. Silver fiber keeps the area around your feet sterile, keeping the cause of bad odor away.

02. patented NanoTech Fabric,

Vtex Nanotech membrane uses advanced patented technology to prevent dampness and has been tested and proven to block 99.9% of the cause of the bad odor.

03. Bamboo Insole

We also added our new Bamboo insoles with cushiony memory foam. The bamboo sucks moisture and bad smell away while keeping you dry and fresh. The cushiony memory foam provides support and comfort. It’s like having high-quality mattresses inside your shoes.

04. Long-lasting integrated Deodorant,

To perfect the odor protection, we have integrated a long-lasting deodorant technology to the Vtex V20 fabric. 

05. Replaceable Bamboo insole covers,

Your Vtex V20 will keep your feet dry and fresh even without socks thanks to the replaceable bamboo insole covers. They release heat and absorb moisture, keeping you fresh.

Hygiene & Freshness all day!

Vtex is ultra hygienic, ensuring optimal freshness and cleanliness. Vtex fabric uses a self sterilizing technology which is also used by NASA and medical facilities. We tested the efficiency of our technology and Vtex scored a grade of ‘surgical level’. There is no better way to protect your feet than with the Vtex V20.

Stay dry! V20 are Waterproof

Do you remember puddle hopping in the rain – only to wear those cold, wet sneakers all day long in grade school? 

Now you can relive those childhood memories and get to your destination with your feet as dry as when you left your home. Our fabric is designed to block water while letting air still pass through, keeping you extra dry and comfortable.  

Cold resistant up to -20C

The new Vtex V20 are cold-resistant for up to – 20 degrees. Don’t worry about cold rain, arctic winds, or even snow, our patented nanotech will stop the cold from infiltrating your shoes. Vtex keeps you at a perfectly comfortable temperature at all times.

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