10 treatments for your dry, chapped, and discolored lips

Lips are the second most attractive part of a woman’s face. The first one is the eyes. But some women’s lips are able to attract the attention of men before their eyes. The lips of Scarlett Johansson, a world-renowned US actress, are a good example of this.

People’s lips do not contain melanin. Therefore, external factors cause more damage to the lips than damage to the skin. Also, a large number of factors such as climate, weather, pollution, and bad habits can cause your lips to darken, dry out, and crack. tipslk.com we, bring to you today some of the treatments you can do and some extra steps you can take to rejuvenate such lips.

lip care

01.Use lip scrub,

It is essential to remove dead skin on the surface of the lips. But the scrubs you use for this should be ones that do not contain chemicals. Check out the list of well-contained items and buy. But you can also make a scrub at home. You can easily make a scrub by adding a little powdered sugar with coconut oil or shea butter. You can use fruit juice or essential oil to make this scrub fragrant.

02.Stop using matte lipstick,

Many people like to use matte lipstick because it has an attractive dark color and it is a new style. But if you have dry and cracked lips, using these will increase the dryness. Whenever you need to use it, apply another type of balm to retain moisture on your lips before applying lipstick.

03.A recipe that heals the lips,

For a healthy lip, apply a mask made from the following recipe on your lips at night.

Organic honey
Cocoa butter
Olive oil

You can get good results by applying a paste made by mixing these on your lips before going to bed.

04.Use oils with high comedogenicity,

This is not a word most people know. This measure measures the ability of oils to close pores on the skin. Coconut oil has a high comedogenicity. It should not be applied on the face as it closes the pores of the skin. But one is very good for your skin and lips.

05.Protect body internal and external moisture,

To maintain good skin condition, you need to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. You can also apply a moisturizing balm to your lips to protect them from external moisture.

06.Use a moisturizer,

Reducing the amount of water vapor in the air in your home or office can also cause dryness. You can do this by placing water containers all over the house, leaving the bathroom door open while bathing, and using plants that grow indoors.

07.Cucumber care,

Cucumber slices are usually used to relieve dryness and fatigue in the eyes. You can do the same for your lips.

08.Use a lip balm containing ceramide,

Usually, our lips have a protective surface on the outside. But this is easily destroyed. It is caused by the food we eat, the medicines, the environment, and so on. Ceramides can regenerate this protective surface.

09.Avoid acidic foods and spices,

Acidic and spicy foods can also break down the outer layer of your lips, exposing your lips to damage. If your lips are dry and chapped, stay away from this type of food as much as possible.

10.Use sunscreen,

Sun exposure dries your lips. To prevent this, use a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 15.


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