Suffering from constipation?

It is a condition that makes it difficult to defecate easily. This condition is called constipation. The main feature here is the difficulty of going to the toilet, in other words not going to the toilet as much as is needed.

People with constipation go to the toilet and come out after a long time. There is a psychological effect on this, these people think that if they do not go to the toilet with enough weight, or if the need to go to the toilet is incomplete, it will be a hindrance to their activities. They feel sick all day.

Because of this, many people, especially the elderly, use laxatives to go to the toilet properly. The reason is the fear that they will be harmed if his stomach is not cleansed. This too is like a man sacrificing to the sun god that for the sun will not rise tomorrow.


There are different types of laxatives.

There is a popular belief in our country that constipation is the cause of many diseases. Some believe that this is the cause of blood poisoning. The reason for this belief is not so difficult to find. We compare our body to a house. To keep a house clean, dirt and dust that accumulates in the house must be removed. If dirt and dust accumulate in the house, flies and worms will gather and spread the stench and cause a lot of trouble.

People are substituting this theory for our body as well. This belief is so ingrained in some families and communities that even infants are routinely given laxatives. However, it must be acknowledged that cleansing the stomach is good for constipation as well as good health.

Do not be afraid


No matter what people think, constipation is not a serious disease. It does not cause as many diseases as we believe. But persistent constipation can later lead to certain illnesses.

This is how a person with constipation is identified

If you go to the toilet less than three times a week for a long time and continue to feel that you do not have enough toilets, then you are suffering from constipation. In some cases, the frequency of going to the toilet for a short period of time may decrease and recover. This is not constipation.

The main reason for constipation is that the waste that remains after the digestive process travels very slowly through the intestines. The presence of intestinal obstruction, curvature, or lumps in the intestines may interfere with the passage of the waste. Constipation can also be caused by defects in the movements of the intestinal muscles.

Behavioral constipation

When the feces enter the rectum we have to go to the toilet. In this case, the muscles around the anus relax and the stool is removed. Some people are forced to avoid going to the bathroom when they need to. But in another hour or two that need will re-emerge. If it is prevented by force again, it is called behavioral constipation.

This condition is more common in children and adolescents. People who are often involved in sports can be prone to this condition. Then a large amount of waste accumulates in the rectum and the stool becomes dry by absorbing more water as it has been left for a long time. So have to spend more time there when you finally go to the toilet.

Constipation in pregnant mothers

Constipation can also occur during pregnancy as it interferes with the movement of the intestines by various hormones produced in the body of pregnant women. Constipation can also be caused by the pressure exerted on the large intestine by the enlarged uterus.

Constipation for smokers

The nicotine in tobacco speeds up bowel movements and facilitates defecation, so there is a risk of constipation when a smoker stops smoking. As a result, many people who have stopped smoking are trying to smoke again. But it is better to use alternative remedies instead of smoking as a remedy for constipation.

What is caused by laxatives

It is very dangerous to take laxatives to prevent constipation. Many laxatives weaken the intestinal nerves. The waste then travels faster along the intestine. As a result, the amount of water absorbed by the large intestine decreases, and the waste products are eliminated from the body in semi-liquid form. Continuing to take laxatives eventually results in the intestines failing to maintain their natural motility.

what should do?

It is better to seek treatment from a qualified doctor than to try unknown medications when constipation occurs. addition, try to drink as much fluids as possible. Consumption of fibrous foods and fruits can help prevent constipation.

Constipation can be considered as a punishment given to man by nature for avoiding natural foods and drinks.

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