Smoking & Lungs cancer

Are you aware of these symptoms that can occur in lung cancer?

If something causes cancer, we call it carcinogenic. Do you know the largest carcinogen that has been identified so far? It’s a cigarette that is considered a very dangerous addiction.

We are concerned about the possible lung cancer caused by smoking.

Risk of cancer in smokers


Eighty-five percent of people with lung cancer, which is generally considered serious cancer, smoke. Thus, cigarettes are considered to be the leading cause of lung cancer. Other causes of lung cancer include family history, exposure to risky carcinogens such as Asbestos, and poor nutrition. In addition, 17.9% of non-smokers have been diagnosed with this cancer.

Lung cancer is difficult to diagnose at an early stage

About 40% of cancers are diagnosed only after they have advanced stage. If the cancer is detected at an early stage, it is good luck. The patient is more likely to be rescued.

Basic symptoms of lungs cancer

Pay attention to these symptoms to detect lung cancer at an early stage.

Prolonged cough

Cough with fever and respiratory problems will go away in about a week. Otherwise, a prolonged cough should be concerned.

Is there a change in the nature of the cough?
Do you cough with a deep voice? Bleeding with a cough?

Difficulty breathing?

Do you have difficulty breathing when climbing stairs? Lung cancer can block your airway. Also, the fluid that makes this cancer builds up in your chest and blocks breathing


Asthma-like nature can occur in lung cancer. This condition is caused by narrowing, obstruction, and inflammation of the airways.

Asthma can occur for many reasons. Some of these can be cured with a very simple procedure. Lung cancer can also cause asthma. Therefore, a smoker should be especially careful when it comes to breathing difficulties.

Weight loss

Weight loss of four to five kilograms can be caused by lung cancer. Absorption of body energy by cancer cells leads to weight loss.

Pain in the chest
Lung cancer can cause chest, shoulder, and back pain. Watch out for whether this pain is coming from a specific location. It can be anything from mild to severe pain. In lung cancer, chest pain may be due to enlarged lymph nodes.Or it may be due to the spread of cancer to the chest wall, lung lining, or ribs

Pain in the bones
Especially back pain. Some people also experience pain along the shoulders, arms, and neck.


Headaches in lung cancer patients are sometimes a sign that it has spread to the brain. Secondary spreads do not occur in the brain in all cancer patients. Headaches can also be caused by pressure in the blood vessels that carry blood from the upper body to the heart.

Symptoms of the spread of lung cancer

  • Pain associated with the bones and pelvis.
  • Neurological changes (headache, numbness in limbs, loss of balance, sudden epilepsy)
  • Yellowing of the eyes and skin (this is caused by cancer spreading to the liver)
  • Bumps on some part of the body. This is caused by cancer spreading to the skin and lymph nodes.

“Each of these symptoms is often caused by other factors. But if you smoke, it is a good idea to see your doctor if you have any of these suspicious symptoms. Because medicine has the potential to do a lot for you if you hurry.”

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