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Let’s change the way we live to get rid of diabetes…

It not only protects us from diabetes but also from many other diseases

Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the last short period of time. In the past, most of our men and women worked hard almost every day. Today, everyone’s work is done by machines. So there is no physical exertion. The amount of physical exertion that we used to have in our day to day activities has been reduced by about 90 percent today.

Today we have fun watching TV. Even children have fun picking up their parents’ mobile phones. There is no such thing as play or exercise. This distorted lifestyle is a major cause of diabetes and high blood pressure and cancer.

Is it a genetic mutation in humans?

There is no way a genetic change can happen in such a short time. It would take thousands of years for a genetic mutation in a continuous animal division. it is the theory rooted in evolutionary biology. But in a very short period of time, people have developed diabetes.

Now there is a new opinion about this. Human genes have not changed during this time. But there is a change in the way genes work. Genes make proteins. An enzyme is a type of protein that helps the body function in this way. It has now been identified that there is a change in the way these proteins function. This is what scholars call epigenetics.

It is a delusion to think of controlling diabetes without dieting

Not just diabetics. When we eat, we have to eat according to our body’s energy needs. The food we eat should be equal to the energy we consume.When the amount of food we eat exceeds the amount of energy we expend, food is stored in the body This is the root cause of many unwanted problems such as body fat and weight gain.

Therefore, especially diabetics should have a starchy diet. If we are in one place it is not appropriate to eat more. It is not good to be greedy for food just because you are hungry. Do not give too much space to high energy foods. For that, eat more energy, low-calorie foods, and drink more water.

There is a popular saying in the West that you should eat five meals a day with more vegetables and fruits.But there are vegetables that are high in starch and fruits that are high in sugar.These should be added to the diet knowingly.

We lose control of our diet because of mistakes we make unknowingly

Some people’re honest attempts to lose weight but it fails. Why is that? … “I do not eat a lot of rice, I do not eat flour but my weight is increasing day by day” someone says. But there is a reason he does not know.

Bananas have a lot of sugar, as do sweet fruits like papaya and rambutan. Eating too much fruit in this way breaks down the body’s sugar control. We must be wise in our choice of vegetables and fruits. It is better to buy some low sugar fruits grown in the villages. Ambarella nuts are similar to olives in the West. If you eat more sweet fruits like bananas and papayas, you need to control the amount.

Bread flour should be reduced as much as possible. white rice has the potential to increase the sugar level so red rice better. It is good for sugar control to get accustomed to low glycemic foods with an understanding of the glycemic index of foods.

You can exercise while working out everyday

Today we are accustomed to living a very lazy life. Need a vehicle to go a little further. Even in an apartment, you do not try to go up the stairs, you always need an elevator to go up and down. This deprives us of some of the exercises we need to do for free.

We all need exercise. People with diabetes should be more interested in physical activity. It certainly helps control blood sugar.

Encourage your child to exercise from an early age. tet them involved in sports. Let them sweaty and play. Otherwise, they too will be susceptible to diseases like this. Remember, it is up to you, the parents, to lay the foundation for their future health.

Eating a simple meal at night helps maintain good blood control

Eating less food at night helps diabetics control their blood sugar. That is a fact we have seen in practice. Choose low starchy and low carbohydrate foods for dinner. It doesn’t matter if there are more low energy vegetables.

The disciplinary law imposed by the Buddha on monks is logical and grounded

At that time, the Buddha imposed a disciplinary rule on the monks not to eat after sunrise. It really has a very valuable logical basis. People who do not exercise should reduce the amount of food they eat. It protects your health. In fact, on the day of the Buddha, the Yativaras seemed to be working harder than they are today. Going too far, the Dhamma was propagated. They lived a life of shramana, performing various difficult deeds. But they should not eat at night. It’s great safety advice. I think this sends a valuable message not only to the clergy but also to the laity, especially in today’s world where living is easier than ever before.

Determinations for diabetics patients

Patients with diabetes should always have two determinations in mind.
1)You need to be determined to avoid many of the complications that can result from diabetes.
2)We need to make sure that our lives’ time are not reduced by diabetes.

The FBS tests

Patients were first treated for diabetes by tasting their urine. Or by observing the number of ants that are added to the urine. But today we know that diabetes is not a urinary tract disease. Benedict’s solution does not test for diabetes like it did in the early days.

Diabetes control today is done entirely by reviewing the blood sugar level. Apart from the fasting sugar level, the glycosylated hemoglobin test is very important here. In addition, the three-month normal blood sugar test, the HbA1c test, is performed on diabetics. HbA1c is the best test used to control both types of diabetes. HbA1c value should be less than 7. It is extremely important to keep that value within that range.

Optimal sugar levels in a diabetic patient

A good value of 80-120 in a blood sample taken while fasting in the morning. If it is more than 120 it is not good. There is a blood sugar test in the post-meal period. It is called Post Prandial Blood Sugar. This is done to learn how the body controls sugar after eating. This test is done to find out how much insulin patients take to control their blood sugar. After two hours it is very good if its sugar level is around 140. A value greater than 180 is very bad.

diabetics test

The correct method of FBS

There is a mistake that diabetics make when going for a fasting blood test. We have seen instances where laboratories also give wrong advice to patients. 8 hours of fasting is sufficient to perform a FBS test. There is nothing wrong with drinking water during this time

When testing a PPBS, some labs will tell you to eat a lot. it also wrong. What should be checked is the behavior of the blood sugar in your normal diet, not the behavior of the blood sugar in an abnormal diet

Symptoms of hypoglycemia

Excessive hunger
Increased heart rate
Hand trembling

The patient may not be so conscious here. But those who wait can see his difference. In this case, you should immediately give something like glucose that can be absorbed quickly.

Time to take insulin

There are several types of insulin. The purpose of short-acting insulin is to prevent high blood sugar after a meal. This is given before meals and is best taken about half an hour before meals.

Time to take medication

Medications such as metformin should be taken after meals. There is nothing wrong with taking most other medications with or without food. However, ask your doctor how you should take your medication.

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