Out of the 200 million sperm that come to conceive, only one sperm wins, and the rest are Massacred this way.

The journey of sperm from the vagina to the encounter of an ovum is just a six-inch journey. But reading the following note you will realize how terrible this six-inch voyage was.

On average, a healthy man produces about 200 million sperm at a time during sexual intercourse. Of these, only about two million sperm reach the cervix. Due to the acidity of the vagina, a large amount of sperm is destroyed and another part is destroyed by scattering due to the obstacles encountered in that passage.

Of these two billion, only about half reach the uterus. That is one million sperm. Another part of the cervical mucus sticks out. Another part gets lost in the pathways in front of the cervical walls.

On the way up from the uterus in search of the fallopian tubes, an attack by white blood cells kills about 90,000 more sperm, leaving only a hundred thousand sperm to reach the top of the uterus. Half of this becomes a useless sperm field by taking the wrong path. A woman has two fallopian tubes and only one fallopian tube releases an ovum at a time. Sperm that travel to the fallopian tube, where an ovum is not released, have no future. Thus, only 5,000 productive sperm are left.

There is a slightly elongated point between the uterus and the fallopian tube. It is called Uterotubal Junction. Of course, this is another trap for sperm. There are no more than a thousand sperm that can escape the sticky mucus and escape into the fallopian tube. The other four thousand get stuck in this joint

The final journey

Now the match is decisive. Out of 200 million competitors, only a thousand competitors have come forward. Nature is ready to defeat this on a large scale. The next hurdle created for that is on the way to the ovum. In this final stage, about eight hundred sperm stick to the fallopian tube during the journey. About two hundred sperm that have won this or not stuck in the fallopian tube will advance to the final.

There is a fierce competition between the sperms, and eventually, only one sperm passes through the ovum. As soon as it marks victory the ovum creates a blockage around the ovum called the cortical granules. As a result of the formation of this barrier, a second sperm cannot enter it. An ovum allows only one sperm to fertilize. This blocking process is called the cortical reaction.

In order to bring another life to this earth … to give a woman the supreme motherhood, her body is a battlefield to summon the destruction of about two hundred million sperm of her own beloved man … Nature always respects the law that gives victory only to the stronger.

Something to think about
We came into this world after fighting and winning over two hundred million. So what type of competition do we have in this life that we lead? Always remember that we can win any kind of competition

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